Cleaning Mould & Mildew: A Suprising Cheap effective Way to Clean Bath Toys

After soaking my daughters grippy dots in various products I thought they were due for the bin. I had tried soaking them in bleach and various anti mould sprays but nothing seemed to budge the stubborn mould marks. After reading someone’s success of using denture cleansing tablets I thought I would give it a go. Follow these simple steps below to get rid of mould on your children’s bath toys.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 14.25.49
Dissolve one denture cleansing tablet in a bowl of hot water- ensure not boiling as you may melt the toys! I just placed enough water to cover the grippy dots.

Place your bath toys in to the solution and preferably leave over night. I tried after a couple of hours and it didn’t clean them very effectively so I placed them in a fresh solution and left to soak.

Now it’s time to clean your toys- I used an old tooth brush to scrub mine, but a hard sponge should do the job, it just may not reach any awkward places! After a few minutes…

There not “as new” but I’m happy enough to return them to my daughters bath- for around 50p (for a full tube of denture tablets)!  I think this is a great cleaning tip. I’m also going to look into what other great things these tablets can do!

Feel free to comment with any tips you have may have, I would love to know if you have any alternative uses for denture tablets

Jo x

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