Top Tips for a Domestic Cleaner- How to Clean like a Domestic Cleaner!


Cleaning is not an easy job but there are ways that can make it that more efficient, quicker and consistent at a good standard. From running my own small cleaning business I have compiled some top tips for Domestic Cleaners.

▫️ If you are cleaning the same homes on a regular basis set up a routine. Start from the left of the door, work from top to bottom and go round in a clock wise direction. This ensures nothing is missed and you will soon clean quickly on autopilot. But beware, read next tip on what could go wrong.

▫️ When on autopilot cleaning the same home and rooms regularly, you build up a routine which you consistently deliver. This however does have its downfalls, it may mean you are consistently missing that one little bit which over time will build up with dirt. Get a collegue to check once in a while that you are covering everything.

▫️Despite the previous point, remember we will sometimes miss things, we can’t be perfect all the time. If a client complains, you may be frustrated that the one time they notice is the only one time you have missed it, but be polite, apologise and say you will double check next time. Or if it’s something you haven’t been doing see it as constructive criticism, it will better your practice and you will be able to clean their home even better next time.

▫️ If you work in pairs there will always be something that you clean better and vice versa, use this as an advantage. Swap jobs every time you clean the same home so their house is kept in top tip condition every time! So one of you dust one week and bathrooms the next, etc. This also mixes things up a bit so you don’t get bored cleaning the same parts of a home weekly.

▫️Don’t forget their dog! 🐶 I once left a dog locked out in the garden until their owner returned home. I swear I let it in, I even locked the door behind me but somehow the dog snook out like a ninja! Lesson learnt- ensure doggy is about when you leave.

▫️ You may sometimes have to clean to a strict time frame, if this is the case remember to PRIORITISE. If you know your client well enough you may know what they like best, or what they don’t mind topping up themselves. If you are unsure I would recommend giving every room a surface clean and then choosing a room or two to deep clean, you can always choose another room the following week if it is a regular clean. However, if you have a standard to stick to ensure this is done every time, for example if a client requests base boards to be dusted weekly then do them weekly.

▫️The finishing touches- these are not faff and are so so important. This is what makes their professionally clean home different to when they do it themselves. Ensure all shiny things are shiny and that all beds are made crisply. These are just two small finishing touches that make such a huge difference.

▫️ If you have certain tasks to complete during a regular clean, try and fit in a little extra. This is a nice surprise for clients and can often be something that doesn’t take too long. Some examples could be, taking a full bin out or cleaning and sorting out their cleaning cupboard. These little things will not go amiss and will set you out from other cleaners.

▫️ Don’t get comfortable in your clients home- you’re there to do a job. If you are offered a cuppa and time allows for it, then that’s great but if not politely decline or drink on the go! They pay for you to clean so when you can’t stay on for an extra quarter of an hour after you have sat down for that long, you will not be able to do the job fully. Some clients do like a natter but be mindful of the clock.

Hope this helps all of you Domestic cleaners 👍🏼 Remember how nice you are making someone feel when they come home to a lovely clean house. Whether they have just come home from work, or are unable to do it themselves. They may not always say it, but if they continue to use your services they are appreciative 🙂

Jo x

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