Easy Cleaning: Cooker Hood Filters


Before I start, I need to give full credit to my mum for finding this fab cleaning method- Thanks Mam! Okay, so the dreaded filter on your cooker hood. This sticky, greasy mess just seems to not want to budge, even with some degreasing spray. What I always say is, if you have to scrub hard, you are not using the right product. I always knew I was using the wrong product for filter cleaning, it was hard work. I am so glad that my mum has found this effortless method. The magic solution is…

Oxygen bleach! This is how she did it:

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.05.15

  1. To start protect yourself and your work area. Wear rubber gloves and use newspaper or rags to protect worktops.
  2. Place your filters in a large container with cold water- enough to cover filters fully.
  3. This is when the magic starts- sprinkle 3 scoops of oxy bleach. In a little while you will see the solution starting to fizz and bubble. Leave to soak for around an hour.
  4. When the fizzing and bubbling has subsided carefully pour the liquid from your roasting tin away and rinse off any remaining debris.
  5. Fill sink with hot soapy water and then remove any remaining grease EASILY with a small cleaning brush- a tooth brush will do.
  6. You should now have lovely clean filters! Leave to dry and then put back up.

 Photo credit: My mum

Jo x

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