Oxygen Bleach

Most people know oxygen bleach for its laundry cleaning capabilities. It is often contained in laundry detergents and powder and you can use it as a pre-wash treatment or as a laundry brightener, as directed on the container. But what exactly is oxygen bleach?


Oxygen bleach, also known as sodium percarbonate, is a compound of natural soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide. Products containing oxygen bleach are generally sold in powder form- but I have seen liquid versions being brought out in supermarkets. It often has “oxi action,” “oxy power” or similar on the label which claim to “varnish” your stains away. What you may not know is that oxygen bleach is considered as environmentally friendly and non-toxic! 🍃 It is also less likely to “bleach” coloured fabrics as it is less corrosive. For these reasons I wanted to find out if it had any effective alternative cleaning uses.

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  1. Whiten and brighten your washing: Probably the most used use of oxygen bleach and is generally sold for this purpose, check directions on tub for whiter and brighter whites!! It doesn’t have the bleaching effects of bleach so it can also brighten colours too! Check garment suitability first.
  2. DIY Cleaning Paste: Make a cleaning paste by adding a tiny bit of water to some oxygen bleach. Fab for mould removal, grout cleaning, bath tubs, sinks etc!
  3. Stain removal of kitchen ware: To remove stained plastics add a few tablespoons of oxygen powder and leave to soak for half an hour.
  4. Cloth and sponge cleaning: Soak your cloths and sponges overnight in a couple of tablespoons of oxygen bleach and water.
  5. Cooker hood filters: Oxygen powder is great on grease! For a full how to check out the following post;  Easy Cleaning: Cooker Hood Filters.
  6. Plug hole and Drain Cleaning: Pour a dissolved mixture of Oxygen Bleach (a couple of tablespoons) and hot water down your plug holes or drains. This will keep them clean and will remove any nasty odours! Leave overnight for a deep clean.

Let me know if any of you have found alternative uses of oxygen bleach 🙂 I really, really, really do love finding alternative uses for different cleaning products.

Jo x

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