My Food Planner & Log


When I’m trying to lose weight I find it really useful to plan my meals and then record what I have actually had. I find it makes you more aware of what you are eating and motivates you to make better food choices. They are also great to keep so you can return to them for meal ideas. Feel free to print out my food planner & log by clicking the download button below.

I have included space beneath each meal time so you can include calories, points, exercise etc. Its default size is A4 and will print 2 pages, if you would like it to fit in a A5 notebook for example, or would just like it smaller, set your printer layout options to 2 pages per sheet.

Download here
My Food Planner and Log

My Food Planner & Log

I hope this planner and log will help you along with your weight loss journey.

Jo x


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