Cleaning the Interior of your Kitchen Cupboards: Removing marks and stains


Do your kitchen cupboards look a bit battered from your pots and pans? Or looking stained from food items, or rust from tins? Well the good news is that you can easily remove these marks with one simple cleaning product.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.05.15
Empty the contents of your cupboards and wipe away any debris or dirt with some all purpose cleaner. Don’t scrub any marks hard- you may scratch your surface! If they don’t clean away easily you need to try another product. One I find works brilliantly with stains, grease and marks is a cleaning paste. You can make your own (tbsp baking soda : 0.5 tsp washing up liquid) or try a cream cleaner or paste. My favourite has to be the The Pink Stuff.  Once you have your cream cleaner or paste to hand, grab a cleaning brush (a toothbrush will do)! or sponge.* Using a small amount of the paste, rub away any marks or stains with your chosen cleaning tool. Once complete, wipe with a slightly damp clean cloth. Your surfaces should now look as clean as below!

*Just to make you aware, cream cleaner and paste is mildly abrasive so you may want to test your surface first.

I love how cleaning something can make it look as good as new. I hope you manage to get as good results as these! Let me know how you get on, you can tag me on facebook or instagram @jottiesjournal if you would like to share 🙂

Jo x


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