Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

When the weather starts to warm up and you begin to venture into the garden, it is lovely to freshen up the garden furniture. Good old washing up liquid and water can go a long way, just fill up your washing up bowl or bucket and off you go. This is a great way for getting the kids involved too.  As washing up liquid is a mild cleaner it is safe to use on various materials such as plastic, wood and metal.


Top tip: For rattan or wicker furniture, use a brush with your washing up liquid and water so you can easily clean within all the nooks and crannies. When outside and not protected, hose your rattan furniture down every few weeks to maintain cleanliness.

For any problems such as rust, scuff marks etc I recommened a cream cleaner, here is a link to my favourite: Cream Cleaner: The Pink Stuff. A little goes a long way and by using only a cloth, it can work wonders on marks that you thought would not wipe away. If you have rust on your furniture, you can find a solution on the following blog;  Magic it Away: How to Remove Rust.

Below is an example of marks, which I think may be from water, disappear after the use of my favourite cream cleaner.

IMG_1866 2

Mould or mildew a problem for you? White vinegar is a great start, using a sponge or brush clean any mildew away with a vinegar cleaning spray or make your own. Simply mix 2 cups of white vinegar with a quarter of a cup of washing up liquid in a bowl of warm water. This will clean any mould and mildew away and also prevent it coming back for a while. This solution can also be used on padded seating or on your outdoor umbrella.

I love how fresh my outdoor furniture is now, it brings it up to almost like new. All ready for some outside dining and for working out in the sunshine. If you have any other tips please share!

Jo x

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