Oh So Shiny Bathtubs with Baking Powder


Oh so shiny, and oh so easy- grab some baking powder and your almost ready to go! This method of cleaning your tub can also remove those horrible stubborn bath crayon stains and bath toy marks/scuffs.

Start by rinsing your bath tub with some water, either using your shower head or using a jug. Once damp sprinkle your baking soda around. It will start to bubble and foam into a cleaning type paste. You can straight away start to wipe and clean using a cloth, sponge or brush. Your just about done- rinse away your baking soda solution and you should now a sparkling clean tub! For extra shine, dry and then buff with a glass cloth. Want longer lasting shine? I reccomend using some white vinegar or your favourite glass cleaner.


Jo x

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