Product Review: Liquid Leather Foam Cleaner

I have to be honest, I thought that something like washing up liquid and warm water would wash down my leather sofa, I didn’t think I would need a specialist cleaner. After trying, my leather still looked dirty and stained. As the sofa is quite old I just thought that it would never come clean. Luckily I was offered to test Liquid Leather’s Foam Cleaner. It is designed to remove general soiling from semi aniline and aniline leather. It did state on the bottle that it wouldn’t remove grime from neglected leather, but it did do pretty well on mine!


Directions for use: You apply sparingly to the soiled area and then leave for about 10 seconds. I used a clean dry cloth for this. You then gently wipe off in one direction and it is recommended to use a clean dry white absorbent cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Cautions: It does state on the bottle that you should not leave the cleaner to rest and soak in as this could result in a water stains, and do not rub in a circular motion. I tested in a hidden area first with no issues.


Look below for some before and after shots!

Video Demonstration

I am really pleased with the overall result and it has left the leather really new and shiny looking. This was completed about a month ago and the leather is still looking in top tip condition. This product definitely does what it says on the tin! Just to let you know, I only provide reviews for products that I think work- and this is one of them! Check out to purchase. Or click this link to take you directly to their foam cleaner. They have set up a special discount code for you guys so you can have 10% off your basket spend- see below.

Another cleaning job done! Let me know how you get on with your leather cleaning.

Jo x


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