Oven Cleaning: Without the need for harsh chemicals

Although very effective, I hate using those oven cleaners with the bag in a box. They are so harsh and messy.

I’ve burnt myself on numerous occasions with the stuff. From testing an array of products, I have found alternative gentler ways you can clean your oven with. Below are the products I used to clean my oven, I will explain how I used them for oven cleaning whilst providing my step by step instructions.


Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.05.15


Product Used:
Oxi Powder (oxi bleach)

Firstly place all of your racks/trays in a large enough container- whether this be your sink or in my case, my bath!  Cover with cold water and then sprinkle oxi powder over your racks and trays. I used four scoops. I also popped my cooker hood filter in for a clean- I have used this method previously and you can read about it here; Easy Cleaning: Cooker Hood Filters and I have also written a post about oxi bleach if you would like more info; Cleaning Products: Oxygen Bleach. Then leave to bubble and soak whilst you go on to clean your oven. Once you have finished cleaning your oven return back to your racks and trays and drain away the water. Refill with some soapy warm water, and give them a scrub with a sponge. It literally wiped away effortlessly for me. If you need some extra help a cream cleaner will get any tough marks off- read ahead for more info on the cream cleaner I use.

Interior Oven Cleaning

Products Used:
White Vinegar Spray, Baking Soda & hot soapy water


Give the bottoms of your oven and grill a dusting of baking soda and then spray quite a generous amount of white vinegar spray (I use the Stardrops vinegar spray). Leave to foam for a couple of minutes until the baking soda has dissolved. If your oven is particularly bad you may want to wait considerably longer. Now, using a sponge you can scrub away! You shouldn’t need to scrub too hard as the cleaning solution should have lifted the majority of the dirt and grime. If it is not doing so, re apply and leave to soak longer. Once scrubbed, use a clean cloth to wipe away any of the cleaning product with hot soapy water. This will also prevent any residue from forming. I used Marcel’s Green Soap multi-purpose cleaner but any washing up liquid would also work.

Glass Cleaning

Products Used:
Cream Cleaner & Soapy Water

Those brown stains on your glass can be such a pain to get off but using a good cream cleaner, honestly, makes this job so effortless. I use The Pink Stuff, read more about it here; Cream Cleaner: The Pink Stuff. Using a sponge, scrub a little bit of the cream cleaner on to the glass. This should remove all of the dirt. Once complete, clean down with some warm soapy water. Cream cleaner leaves a chalky residue so make sure the glass is washed down well.

Finishing Touches

Product Used:
Glass Cleaner

Now to add the finishing touches and to make your oven look all shiny and sparkly! I used a Clean-ology glass cleaner which smells lushly like oranges and is non-toxic, so great for an item that will be cooking your dinner in. Alternatively you could use a white vinegar cleaner or glass cleaner. I sprayed the product both inside and out, and on all the glass panels. Using a glass cloth I wiped until dry and shiny. Now all should be done, a lovely fresh and clean oven. I hate the thought of cleaning the oven but the results are so satisfying! Below are some pictures of my befores, during and afters.


I’m really happy with the result 🙂 If you have any questions please feel free to comment, or pop on over to my Facebook or Instagram pages to message me. Have any additional tips? Let me know 🙂 Good luck with your oven cleaning!

Jo x




2 thoughts on “Oven Cleaning: Without the need for harsh chemicals

  1. This might be really random, but it looks like you’ve got the same cooker as me. Do you take your oven door glass out to clean between the panes? I can’t figure out how to get it out :/ and it desperately needs a clean!


    1. Hi Kayleigh, yes I had to remove a glass panel to clean inbetween. Mine has little screws on the top, I only had to unscrew one for it to be removeable. Hope that helps!


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