My Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Personally, a sparkling bathroom has to be my favourite cleaned room. A bathroom clean is one of the weekly tasks off my cleaning routine.

 To maintain a relatively clean and tidy home I find that a daily cleaning routine works wonders. As part of my daily routine I try to complete a daily task, I choose to either complete one a day or if short on time, I save it for the weekend. Even if I choose to save all of these tasks to the weekend, I find that my cleaning time is drastically cut from following a routine. In regards to my bathroom, I do a quick weekly clean and then a deep clean once a month. Read on to see my difference between a quick and deep clean.

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For a quick bathroom clean, you literally only need one cleaning product, a couple of cloths and a toilet brush. A bathroom multipurpose spray not only cleans but armed with a glass cloth, shines also. If you like it super sparkly (which to be honest I only make the effort during my monthly clean) then you could add in a glass cleaner or vinegar spray.

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Leave your toilet clean until last so you do not need to change your cloth, unless dirty or very wet.

I rarely even need a sponge as I spray first and leave to soak. I try to use a sponge as little as possible, if you need to scrub very hard, it is quite likely that you are using the wrong cleaning product. Exception to this in your bathroom is your toilet- I will scrub with a toilet brush to prevent limescale build up.

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Quicker Cleaning: Spray your toilet and soap scum first so you can leave to soak whilst you start your clean elsewhere. No more elbow grease needed!

With your products and materials ready I recommend to start in one area of your bathroom and work round in clockwise direction. This saves time and you begin to build up a cleaning routine that you will eventually be able to complete on auto pilot!

For every surface I do a quick spray, clean and wipe dry. I then polish quickly with a glass cloth (just to remove any little bits of dust or debris and to add some shine to taps and surfaces).  These are what I complete on a weekly basis using this method:
– Mirrors
– Sink & taps
– Cabinet tops
– Bath tub
– Shower screen
– Tiles
– Toilet
– Window ledge

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 14.58.39Got guests coming over? Leave toilet cleaner around the rim of your toilet after cleaning and flushing- this leaves a lovely scent in your bathroom!

This may seem like a lot on a weekly basis, but if you’re doing it weekly it really takes no time at all. I can complete this clean in about 15 minutes, make this a fortnightly clean and it can take up to half an hour! Read ahead to see what I do for my monthly bathroom clean.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.18.57

To complete my monthly bathroom clean, I do the above but with some additional extras. I add a bleach spray and glass cleaner into the mix as well. I use bleach as a preventative measure to prevent the growth of mould or mildew. Alternatively you can use an ammonia or vinegar based cleaner to perform this job. The glass cleaner is purely to add extra shine to mirrors, sinks, tubs and shower screens, but as mentioned previously, a multi purpose cleaner and glass cloth works well too.

Again, start in one area of your bathroom and work round in clockwise direction but adding these extra jobs:
– Dust base boards/skirtings
– Clean sink and toilet bases
– Wipe down bath panels
– Clean shower head
– Window clean
– Wipe light switches (if shiny you may want to do this weekly)
– Cobweb lookout

Every other month I complete the following:
– Grouting scrub
– Pull out and clean behind cabinets
– Wipe down door frames and door

When combined with the weekly routine, these monthly tasks shouldn’t be too hard to complete as there shouldn’t be a build up of dirt or grime. If you find a month is too long for some tasks then add them into a fortnightly routine. I feel this routine is enough to keep my bathroom feeling fresh and clean the majority of the time.

So there you go, my bathroom cleaning routine. I hope it helps you to bring some order into your cleaning time. Any questions, please feel free to comment.

Jo x


4 thoughts on “My Bathroom Cleaning Routine

  1. I have naughty boys at home who constantly wee on the floor and don’t clean it up.. It makes me so mad that I have to do it. What is the best way to clear it up for hygiene and smell, considering this could be a daily basis, and I don’t want to have to mop every day. x


  2. What would you recommend for mould in grout in my shower. I am usually very thorough with my cleaning but have been unwell and unfortunately some mould has appeared in the grout of my shower. Sprayed bathroom cleaner a s scrubbed with scoured which has helped but not eliminated. Don’t want it to get continue to get worse!

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    1. Hi Gemma, you can get a mould and mildew remover spray which is fab for removing mould from grout, has worked every time for me. You can get it for around a £1. I’ve tried the following and they’ve all done the job; Wilko’s own brand, Astonish & Stardrops (available from homebargains). You can different brands from supermarkets or places like B&Q but they tend to be more expensive. Good luck with it!


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