Product Review:Tooletries Pineapple Holder


Loving the pineapple craze?! Or, love an organised home?  If so, this could be the organiser for you! With its funky and modern design, the Tooletries holder its a quirky addition to any home. Tooletries products use a silicone that uses static forces to stick to shiny and smooth surfaces. I tried it on glass, bathroom tiles, a mirror and the side of my fridge. It is so easy to apply and proved to have strong adhesion to all these surfaces.

I first tried it in my bathroom as I was intrigued to find out whether its anti-mould properties would run true. Don’t you just hate the mould and mildew build up on most plastic bathroom storage? Or rust on stainless steel storage? After a month of being stuck on my bathroom tiles, I peeled it back wondering what would be lurking behind. To my amazement there was nothing, not a smidgin of mould or mildew. See video below for the reveal!

I kept my razor in mine but you could also store your toothbrushes, toothpaste or hair brush. After passing the bathroom test, I moved the pineapple organiser to my kitchen. I placed it on my fridge so I always had a pen to hand next to my calendar.

IMG_8633 2

Over the last few months, not once has the holder lost its grip or started to peel away. The silicone technology that they use is so much better then those frustrating suction cups, as it never loses its stick! Despite being so adhesive they are also very easy to remove, you just simply peel away.

This product is oh so practical and works very well with a good hard wearing, quality finish. They also create other products using the same silicone technology, head on over to Packing Sorted to see if they have something to suit your storage needs and decor style. For a direct link to the Pineapple holder, please click here.

Have you used the Tooletries Pineapple? If so please leave your review in the comment section below.

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