20+ Uses of Zoflora

I love a cheeky bit of Zoflora, my friends even add it to gift hampers at christmas and birthdays as they know I’m a tad obsessed. For those of you not in the know, Zoflora is a concentrated disinfectant available in all sorts of fragrances, with so many uses. The main reason I love it is because of its strong, long lasting fragrance. There are so many fragrances, and at the moment their limited edition fragrances are really on point! Both the Winter Morning and Lemon Zing are up there with my favourites.

A lot of you comment on my Instagram that you can’t find the Lemon one anywhere, well I have found some Lemon Zing Zoflora here! Its for a case of 8 Zoflora’s which work out at £2.84 each with free delivery, this is pretty much on par with Asda as they are sold at £2.80 and they are the medium sized bottles (250ml).

Another question I often get asked is where did I get my Zoflora bottle from? I won it in a Zoflora competition, I’m afraid you cannot purchase them but I have found someone that can make your own personalised Zoflora Spray Bottle from EBay. (Link directs you to ebay).

So, here’s a list of my favourite uses of Zoflora!

  1. Anti-bac Spray | Make your own anti-bac spray by adding between 1 and 2 capfuls into an empty spray bottle and then top up with water.
  2. Disinfecting Washing | I always have Zoflora to hand after a sickness bug in the house or from when my daughter used to have accidents in bed. A couple of capfuls will disinfect plus remove any bad odours. You pop it into the conditioner compartment of your washing machine, and wash as you usually would with your laundry products and conditioner if need be.
  3. Scented Home | Got guests coming round and want to quickly banish any odours in the kitchen? Simply add a capful or two of your favourite Zoflora in to your washing up bowl and add in some hot water. It really leaves a long lasting scent that everyone will comment on.
  4. Washing Machine Freshen Up | To prolong the need for a deep clean of my washing machine I use a capful or two of Zoflora to freshen it up. It pour it into the conditioner compartment and then run on a hot empty cycle.
  5. Potty and toilet seat disinfection | I like to leave in the bath to soak with 4 capfuls and water for 30 mins.
  6. Scented Toilet Brush | To keep my toilet brush scented, and to help disinfect leave some Zoflora in the holder.
  7. Plug Hole Cleaning | Keep any odours at bay from your plug holes and drains by pouring some Zoflora down it. I leave to soak for a little while before rinsing out.
  8. Dishwasher Freshen Up | I hate a musty dishwasher! I keep mine fresh by putting a capful of Zoflora into the tablet dispenser and putting onto a hot empty wash. Removes any odours, and leaves it sparkling clean.
  9. General Surface Cleaning | Dilute 4 caps of Zoflora into a bucket of water and then using a cloth wipe various surfaces such as shelving and kitchen surfaces.
  10. DIY Diffuser | I have to be honest, this didn’t work for me. But I thought I would include it as a few of you have said that it was worked for you. Apparently half water, half Zolfora will do the trick. I used just Zoflora, and it still didn’t work.
  11. Mattress Freshen Up | Zoflora is good at neutralising odours so is perfect for mattresses, lightly spray the mattress and then leave to dry.
  12. Scented Baking Powder | Baking powder is such a fab cleaning essential. I mixed with a little Zoflora to make a paste. In this instance I used it to clean my sink, it removed all marks and the Zoflora played its part by providing a long lasting fresh fragrance. I’ve seen people using it in this way to make DIY shake n vac, by adding a little less Zoflora (do you not want a paste)! I didn’t like the result from it, it just wasn’t for me, but if your anything like me, I always have to try a Zoflora hack!
  13. Mopping | Add four capfuls and water to your mop to clean hard surface. Use a steam cleaner? Spray some Zoflora onto your floor and then steam away.
  14. Remote controls & telephones | Spray a ready made up solution on to some kitchen paper and then wipe away any dirt and grime.
  15. Toilet Brush Deep Clean | I pop a couple of capfuls of Zoflora down my toilet (after making sure its clean), and then leave my brush to soak over night.
  16. Bin Cleaning | Ergh I hate this job, but Zoflora is fab for this. I fill my empty bin with water, add Zoflora and then leave to soak for 30 mins. It disinfects and removes odours.
  17. Patio Area | Add four capfuls of Zoflora into a bucket of water and then pour over your patio. Scrub with an outdoor brush.
  18. Laundry Bin Freshen Up | Have you ever smelt inside your laundry bin/bag? It can get pretty bad, especially if like me you leave the washing until the weekend. As mine is plastic its really easy to clean, I leave to soak in the bath with some Zoflora. if you have a fabric one you could add some of it to an empty spray bottle with water, I would suggest a couple of capfuls, and then spray and leave to dry.
  19. Prolong your Zoflora | This bottle is actually an empty 500ml Zoflora bottle. I like to keep one filled with one small bottle of Zoflora and then topped up with water. Its fab for splashing on to a cloth for wiping surfaces, or even for use with the mop and it means your Zoflora lasts longer!
  20. Car Cleaning | I love to clean my dashboard with Zoflora! Using my trigger spray solution of Zoflora I spray and then wipe with a cloth. Then wipe over your vents with the cloth you have used for scented vents.
  21. Cloth disinfectant | In between washes of my cleaning cloths I soak over night in a bowl with a capful of Zoflora and water. Not only will it freshen it up and give you a scented ready to use cloth, it will also fill your kitchen with fresh clean smell!
  22. Compost Caddy Cleaning | Compost caddies can get so so whiffy! I find this method keeps it at bay. Every time the bin gets emptied, I wash and then leave a capful of Zoflora to soak in it for half an hour. I simply pour away and don’t rinse.
  23. IMG_9936
  24. Radiator cleaning | Make a solution up of water and Zoflora and then wipe down your radiators. Once your radiators a lovely scent will waft through your room!

Any additional uses? Leave a reply below 🙂

Jo x

13 thoughts on “20+ Uses of Zoflora

  1. NEVER clean rugs etc with neat Zoflora, or mixed with bicarb, it is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE when neat!!! Obviously ok when diluted with water in the correct quantities.


  2. I always soak a couple of cotton pad in zoflora and leave it in the bottom of my bins or do the same and leave it in the Hoover lovely smell when hoovering then ☺


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