Cream Cleaner: The Pink Stuff


This stuff is just brilliant. I was first introduced to this by my other half as he found it worked brilliantly on cleaning burnt on food on his pots and pans (he is a chef). I always say, if you have to scrub too hard then you are using the wrong product. This is normally my next go to product when this happens. It has removed so many marks, stains, scuffs, rust etc etc, effortlessly. No need to scrub, just using a cloth works! I tend to use a cleaning brush, but a sponge is useful too. Once I have used the paste, I then wipe the surface with a slightly damp clean cloth, or rinse away, to remove any remaining paste- it can leave a chalky residue if there is any remaining. You can then dry your surface with a clean dry cloth.

| TOP TIP! For a high shine after rinsing and drying-  polish with a glass cloth.

So what exactly is The Pink stuff?

The Pink Stuff is a thick cream cleaner with the consistency of a paste. It is sold as being tough on stains, cleaning tiles, glass, paintwork, outdoor furniture, cookers or sinks. It is made by Starbrands Ltd (makers of Stardrops cleaning products). It has 99% natural ingredients, is environmentally non-toxic and has a non hazardous formulation.

I think The Pink Stuff really is worth having in your cleaning caddy, it has so many versatile uses! You can purchase it here;

⭐️ eBay: 3x The Pink Stuff £5.94 (£1.98 each), Free Postage (Link to product)⭐️
Amazon: £3.70, Free Postage (Link to product)
Starbrands Online: £1.49, Postage £4.95 (Link to Product)
Bargain Buys

Below are some examples of what I have cleaned with it so far, click for related blog post.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 23.13.27

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Oven Cleaning- Effortlessly

I am aware that there are other cleaning pastes but this really has to my favourite, it leaves less mess then some cream cleaners due to its consistency. It’s also not too runny but also not too thick. It is so easy to apply to your cleaning cloth, brush or sponge. It also lasts well in the tub, it doesn’t dry out (just make sure you put the lid on properly)! If you get your hands on some please let me know how you get on, and share your results with @jottiesjournal on facebook or instagram 🙂

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