Oven Cleaning- Effortlessly

Above are my oven cleaning warriors 💪🏼 To find out where I purchased them click here.


Stardrops Ammonia Power Cleaner, Stardrops The Pink Stuff & A Scrubdaddy sponge

Here’s how I did it:

1. I heated my oven to 150 degrees. Once it had reached temperature I TURNED IT OFF. Then placed a cup of ammonia cleaner into an oven safe dish- I used a grill tray that needed a good scrub! I also squirted some directly onto to the bottom of the oven. But please be AWARE, if you try this, you will need to be very careful due to the hot steam and you will need good ventilation.

2. I then closed the oven door and let the ammonia do it’s magic! I left for a few hours, but for tougher cleaning power leave overnight.

3. Once soaked, I opened up and got to work! Using some soapy water I scrubbed away any dirt and grime. My @scrubdaddyuk sponge was fab for this 😍 Then rinsed with warm water using a sponge and dry cloth. Here is a before and after:

4. I tackled my oven doors with The Pink Stuff- the miracle cleaning paste! Always gets the glass like new and it’s pretty effortless to use. Another before and after:

Job done 🙌🏼💕Jo x

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