DIY Wire Word Wall Art

I saw some lovely wire word wall art on Etsy but it was quite expensive, so I wondered if I could replicate the same effect at home, on a budget!

This was my first attempt so I’m pretty chuffed at how it turned out. For a total of just under a tenner I purchased the products and materials needed, with some left over to create some more!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 13.47.13

Black Craft Wire:  2mm (10 metre length, other colours available) £6.66 (Can be purchased here)

Mini Cutters: Rolson Mini Cutters £2.70 (Can be purchased here)

Pliers: I had my own but you can cheap Rolson ones for £3.75 (Can be purchased here)

Superglue: Again had my own but found some suitable for metal for £2.68 (Can be purchased here)

For a neater finish:

Printer, black ink & paper

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 14.25.49


  1. First I typed out the words I wanted in one of my favourite script font, in Microsoft Word and then printed. I set the page to landscape and set font size to fit page width.
  2. Simply trace the lettering with wire with your fingers to form into your word. Be careful not to over handle the wire as you will lose the natural soft curve. You may need to use the pliers to push any wiring together as it can be too hard with your hands alone.
  3. Once your word is done- snip the remaining wire away.
  4. Now you can cut any extra bits you need to complete your lettering, such as the dot for an “i” or a bit to cross a “t.” For an “i” I simply just did a little overlapping circle. To cross any lettering such as a “t” I superglued a little straight bit of wire on to the lettering.

Job done!! I secured mine to wall with little pins, but they would also look cute in some frames.


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