How to Improve Hoover Performance & Suction: A Clean & Fresh Hoover

Anyone else hate the musty smell that can come from the hoover?! If it gets to that point its probably in need of a clean and freshen up. Cleaning your hoover also improves its performance with loss of suction quite often being from debris being stuck in tubing, etc. I have based this tutorial on my tub hoovers and Dyson v6.


Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.05.15

To start, disemble your hoover and place to the side all the bits that can be cleaned- I like to place mine in the bath. Ensure nothing electrical gets a wet clean! If you have a turbo head that collects a lot of hair- remove hair before cleaning, I find a pair or scissors helps out a lot.

Hoover parts and tub cleaning

  1. Rinse out all parts including tubs, tubes, and piping- you will probably be surprised at how must dust they have collected!
  2. Once the water runs clear you can leave your parts to soak. I like to use a disinfectant like Zoflora for half an hour. This leaves a lovely scent which can still be smelt when dry.
  3. Once they have soaked for half an hour, give everything a quick rinse and then leave to dry. Ensure it is left for a minimum of 24 hours, everything needs to be completely dry before being used again. I leave mine near a radiator or out in the sunshine.

Filter Cleaning

  1. First I rinse the filter until water runs clear, I then place the filter in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash with some nice smelling laundry liquid. Instead of this you could leave to soak in some scented disinfectant. Although this works well for me, it is generally advised to just rinse through your filter with water and then leave to dry.

Scented Hoovering

  1. Once everything is clean and dry and I’m ready to assemble my hoover again, I like to add some kind of freshener. Some items I like to use are;
    – A couple of scented tumble dryer sheets or an air freshener;
    – Once the tumble dryer sheet has lost its scent add a couple of drops of Zoflora, or
    – A Vac freshener hoover disk.[gallery ids=”1669,1668,1670″ type=”rectangular” Happy cleaning!!
    Jottie xoxo

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