Product Review: Scrub Daddy Original

The Scrub Daddy is a FlexTexture sponge which changes texture based on your water temperature.

This comes in handy for tough scrubbing (using cold water) and then goes soft in warm water for light cleaning. Even when put in warm water, it still had very good cleaning capabilities and gave things a good scrub. At first it felt a bit strange to use, it really isn’t like your usual spongue but you soon get used to it. I’m now on to my second Scrub Daddy (it lasted nearly 4 months!!!).

As well as performing well, it also rinses free of any debris, (you wouldn’t want any old food lurking!), and thereby resists odours and cleans well with water alone. Mine got slightly marked when scrubbing burnt on food, but this wasn’t a problem as they are dishwasher safe! After a wash in the dish washer on the top rack, with my dirty dishes, he was like new again. This also meant that it was sanitised!

They also claim that they are scratch free, which ran true after I tested this on a variety of surfaces. I only ever used a spongue previouly when things really needed it, as I was wary of how they can scratch things especially my stainless steel sink. This wasn’t an issue with the Scrub Daddy, and it hasn’t scratched my sink- yay! You would think that being scratch free it may not perform well, but check out the video below of how well it did with some baked on food! Just to let you know, the video has been speeded up, I’m not that quick at cleaning! Haha.



The sponge feels quite large to use (I have now got used to this), especially when used with cold water. To combat this you can hold the scrub daddy using his eyes and mouth- this way it will also clean both sides of utensils. Despite the size, it is actually great for small areas, for example around the tap and for grouting. The little groves around the sponge are great for this and removed all the debris from around my tap. This also lessens the need for extra cleaning tools being needed to be around.

It is also fab for the oven and your job, paired with the right products it works a dream, so much better then your usual spongues which can wear out very quickly. Pop on over to my blog post on Oven Cleaning- Effortlessly to see how well it did.

The Scrub Daddy is available from Packing Sorted and is priced at £3.49. This may seem a bit steep for one sponge, but it is very durable compared to usual sponges. As written previously, mine nearly lasted 4 months! This is with daily use and it cleaned the oven and hobs a few times also! I would recommend the Scrub Daddy to anyone that would like a hard working, durable sponge with a bit of character. It’s cheesy smile may not be to everyones taste, but if so, hide in the cupboard! (That is literally the only downside I can put, and that’s not even my thought, mine sits happily next to my sink). Get rid of the scratchy scourers and replace with a Scrub Daddy! Check out my Instagram posts below to see the Scrub Daddy at work, click to see full post.

Jo x

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Ah kitchen done after dinner and quick pick up completed, now time to relax! Can you see my happy sponge peeking at you? It’s a Scrub Daddy (@scrubdaddyuk), and I’ve been using it for the last month. It is a FlexTexture sponge which changes texture based on your water temperature, this comes in handy for tough scrubbing (using cold water) and then goes soft in warm water for light cleaning. It’s a game changer! For my full review check out my blog (link in bio), it’s linked on the home page under latest blog post. . . . . @packingsorted @ilove2clean #scrubdaddy #instahome #cleaningproducts #productreview #happycleaning #cleanhome #lovetoclean #cleankitchen #kitchencleaning #homeinso #ikeakitchen #mykitchen #kitchensink #cleaningtips #easycleaning #actualinstagramhomes

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ꕥ Oven Cleaning | Here are my oven cleaning warriors 💪🏼 Swipe across for the before and afters. Although the box oven cleaners work very well, I really hate how messy they are, and hate the chemical residue left afterwards even when you think you have rinsed enough, and then the stink from them seems to last ages! I’m also very sensitive to the chemicals in them and have burnt myself before now. Here’s how I did it: 1. I heated my oven to 150 degrees. Once it had reached temperature I TURNED IT OFF. Then placed a cup of ammonia cleaner into an oven safe dish- I used a grill tray that needed a good scrub! I also squirted some directly onto to the bottom of the oven. But please be AWARE, if you try this, you will need to be very careful due to the hot steam and you will need good ventilation. 2. I then closed the oven door and let the ammonia do it’s magic! I left for a few hours, but for tougher cleaning power leave overnight. 3. Once soaked, I opened up and got to work! Using some soapy water I scrubbed away any dirt and grime. My @scrubdaddyuk sponge was fab for this 😍 Then rinsed with warm water using a sponge and dry cloth. 4. I tackled my oven doors with The Pink Stuff- the miracle cleaning paste! Always gets the glass like new and it’s pretty effortless to use. Job done 🙌🏼💕 #jottieskitchen

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