Venetian Wooden and Plastic Blind Cleaning

Blind cleaning really doesn’t have to be time consuming, but they are often forgotten about. Quite quickly that dust accumulates along with some unknown sticky marks!

Try and incorporate them into your cleaning routine so they are completed often- it really makes it a much easier and quicker task in the long run.

You don’t need many tools to help you with this task, a couple of microfibre cloths will do. However, it can be time consuming this way, I find a blind cleaner much more efficient to complete the job, I always have a couple to hand. I got mine pretty cheap from Amazon > Blind Cleaner Link. With this nifty tool you can complete two or three slats a time and it dusts both the top and bottom of the blind slat. It works perfectly with steps 1 and 2 of my blind cleaning steps below.1. Dust blinds from top to bottom. This is pretty important as you don’t want any dust falling on to your dusted slat beneath. How annoying! I wouldn’t use any product at this point if your blinds are pretty bad, you can skip this point if they only need a light dusting. You don’t want that accumulated dust clumping together making it a harder task. You can dry dust with a microfibre cloth or with your blind cleaner. A hoover brush attachment is also great for this job.

2. Now blinds are dust free or only have a little dust, use your second cloth or blind cleaner to clean. A multi-surface Polish is fab for this job as suitable for both wooden and plastic blinds. I like to stock up on mine using Amazon Pantry which is available to Prime customers, I’ve included a 30 day free trail link here > Trail Link. Simply lightly spray your cloth or blind cleaner with the product, and then quickly wipe across again. The polish will help to repel dust for a certain amount of time. Check out for any marks and using your clean dust free tool, work in a little more cleaner onto these areas to clean.

For a deeper clean you can take down your blinds, here’s how I would do it once removed;

1. Rinse blinds with water to remove any dust or debris.

2. Using a cloth wipe away any remaining dirt with some washing up liquid and water. This combination will be especially fab for any grease from kitchen blinds.

3. Rinse your blinds and then leave to fully dry before hanging back up.

– Make blind cleaning less of a chore by regularly dusting your blinds

– Use a multi surface polish to help repel dust

– Quickly dust your blinds with the brush attachment of your hoover in between deeper cleans

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