10 Ways to keep your Washing Machine Clean

Have you got a musty smell coming from your washing machine? Or do you want to prevent this from happening?

I’ve just received my new washing machine and I really want to try and keep on top of the cleaning of it, anyone else have that intention when they have a new appliance?! For anyone interested in the machine I chose you can click here. Read on to see my top tips for keeping your washing machine clean.

So, why does a machine get musty? The bacteria from clothes can often harbour and build up in your machine after several washes, especially if you wash your clothes under 60 degrees. This is because the water temperature is not reaching high enough levels to kill off any bacteria. But don’t panic and start washing on 60 again, there are more economical ways to solve this issue which are listed below. I have put together a shopping list of items which are throughout the blog post and listed at the end, just click to direct you to the named product.

10 Tips for Cleaning your Washing Machine


  1. Ensure you are cleaning your washing machine drawer and interior of drawer regularly. I like to use either a white vinegar spray or a mould remover. Both of these products will help to prevent and remove any mould buildup.
  2. After you have emptied your machine after each wash, ensure you’re leaving the door and drawer open so it can air dry.
  3. Make sure as soon as your cycle ends to remove damp clothes, this can be the cause of musty smells.
  4. Wipe door seal dry after use as water can harbour, and clean regularly with a white vinegar spray or a mould remover.
  5. Use a product such as bleach or disinfectant to complete a monthly clean. Add a capful of either (do not mix!) to an empty hot wash. Or add a cup of each white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to your washing machine drawer and put on to a hot wash, these are both fab odour neutralisers.
  6. Complete a quarterley deep clean with a cleaner specificially designed for washing machines.
  7. Check out the drain filter for any lurking debris, this should be at the bottom of your machine. When opened water may leak out. You can also clean the net hose filter, please refer to your washing machine manual to disconnect hose to clean.
  8. Want to clean your washing machine and clothes at the same time?! For whites and colours add a cupful of bicarbonate of soda to not only brighten but to clean the machine too.
  9. For limescale, Citric Acid is a powerful remover. To prevent limescale pop in a cup of it into an empty 60 degree cycle. For removal, add 250g and again, add to machine and put on an empty 60 degree wash.
  10. To help prevent water and laundry products from harbouring, spray and leave some rain repellant or a daily shower cleaning product!

Shopping List


White Vinegar Spray
Bleach Free Mould Remover
Bicarbonate of soda
Citric Acid
Daily Shower Cleaner
Washing Machine Detox Tablets
☑ Disinfectant

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