How to clean your hoover

Anyone else hate the musty smell that can come from the hoover?! If it gets to that point its probably in need of a clean and freshen up.

Cleaning your hoover also improves its performance with loss of suction quite often being from debris being stuck in tubing, etc.

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To start, disemble your hoover and place to the side all the bits that can be cleaned. Ensure nothing electrical gets a wet clean! Check with your manual on what parts can detach and how- it can make the cleaning process so much easier. It was only recently that I realised the brush roll in my dyson could be removed 🙈

Hoover parts and tub cleaning

  1. Rinse out all parts including tubs, tubes, and piping- you will probably be surprised at how must dust they have collected, or may even have debris stuck inside.
  2. Once the water runs clear you can leave your parts to soak. I like to use a disinfectant for half an hour. This leaves a lovely scent which can still be smelt when dry.
  3. Once they have soaked for half an hour, give everything a quick rinse and then leave to dry. Ensure it is left for a minimum of 24 hours, everything needs to be completely dry before being used again. I leave mine near a radiator or out in the sunshine.

Filter Cleaning

The filter on your hoover should ideally be cleaned once a month. Shake &/ tap against a hard surface to remove any dust. Then if washable, rinse with water until it runs clear, and then leave to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Turbo/Brush Roll Heads

If anything like hair has become trapped in your brush roll a pair of scissors can help to remove. I then wipe down with a slightly damp cloth that has been soaking in some disinfectant.

Scented Hoovering

Once everything is clean and dry and I’m ready to assemble my hoover again, I like to add some kind of freshener. Some items I like to use are;

– Shake n Vac: You simply sprinkle it over your carpets, leave for a little while and then hoover. The magnolia and vanilla one is an absolute fave of mine, you can find it here.

– Bicarbonate of soda: This will help to neutralise any odours! Sprinkle on your carpets, ideally overnight and then hoover up.

– Scented hoover disks: These smell pretty strong and work well to fill the room with scent whilst hoovering. I purchase mine from Home Bargains or Wilko

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