Oven Cleaning: How to keep on top of it

Cleaning the oven is one of those dreaded tasks, especially if you have left it for some time. If you have the right products this job shouldn’t be such a chore.

I will be taking you through what I try and do on a regular basis and will show you what products I like to use. If your oven is in dire need of a deep deep clean, I would recommend first cleaning it with a deep cleaning oven product. These are a last resort for me as it’s a pretty messy job, but they work wonders if needed. Throughout this post I have linked products which I have used. You can purchase the deep oven cleaning kits from most supermarkets and discount stores, such as the Oven Brite Cleaning Kit.

Oven Cleaning Steps

  1. First remove any of the racks and pans and leave to soak in some hot soapy water.
  2. Spray the interior of the oven and glass door with a degreaser. I used the Cif Power and Shine Kitchen Ultra-degreaser with orange oil. When looking online it was pretty expensive, so I would recommend purchasing from a supermarket or discount store such as Home Bargains, available from £1.00. If you need a stronger degreaser I would recommend the Cif Perfect Finish Oven Cleaner, you can get it on offer for £2 in most supermarkets.
  3. Leave the degreaser to soak for a few minutes to work it’s magic.
  4. Time to scrub! I like to use the Dishmatic Scourer on the interior (I don’t recommend for the glass as it may scratch it). I prefer this to a usual scourer as it has handle to make this job a whole lot easier, plus don’t you just hate the feel of scourers 😬. You can also fill them with washing up liquid. For the glass I use a sponge and a cleaning paste. My favourite cleaning paste is The Pink Stuff. Seriously good stuff for oven glass doors, will remove the stubborn grime effortlessly. I then remove any debris or product residue with a damp cloth.
  5. Now to shine it up, using a multipurpose spray or glass cleaner paired with a glass cloth will leave a sparkling finish.

Rack and Pan Cleaning Steps

Using the dishmatic scourer, scrub away any grease or grime. For any stubborn bits pair the scourer with some of the cleaning paste. This duo with make them look like new again! See below for some before and afters.

How to stop your oven getting dirty

  1. I highly recommend a non-stick oven liner! It prevents the bottom of your oven from getting dirty , and you can also use them on your racks for cooking and baking. I’ve also seen some people using them on their BBQ! Absolutely fab for easy oven cleaning.
  2. This is a boring point but if you wipe your oven after each use, it will help to keep your oven clean. If you do this then it will prolong you needing to give it a deeper clean. A tip for this is to add a oven safe bowl of hot water immediately after cooking. The steam will help to loosen up any dirt. Turn off, and once cool remove bowl and wipe down.

Video Demonstration

My step by step video demonstration can be found over on my Instagram @jottiesjournal. For a direct link to the video, please click here.


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