Henry goes cordless! A review of Numatic’s Henry cordless vacuum cleaner

This smiley face has been in households for years and after various upgrades throughout these years, this has to be the biggest yet! Henry can now be bought cordless! I was so excited to try this out as I’ve been a fan of Numatic vacuum cleaners for years. My first ever hoover when I moved out of home was the lovely Hetty, the cute pink version of Henry. I also run a small cleaning business with Hetty as one of our helpers, so with the knowledge of how the original hoovers perform I was curious to see how they would compare with the cordless. So first things first, a little description of the cordless Henry.

Named, Numatic Henry HVB 160-12, this cordless vacuum has up to 30 minutes run time from a single charge. The battery deattaches from the hoover to be charged in it’s own dock which takes around 3 hours and a half. It has a large 6 litre bagged dust capacity, which is one of the bonuses of it being a cylinder hoover, as it can hold more then an up right hoover whilst still being easy to manoeuvre. It also comes with handy tools, a crevice tool for crevices and corners, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush (great for blinds and skirtings!). So, what was he like to use?

The first thing I noticed when I got Henry out was how light he was, even with the battery installed. He’s lighter then his non cordless brother due to no wiring needing to be housed. Then it was time to power him up! When turned on for his first test run, I was surprised at how quiet he was. This did worry me slightly as I thought that this would mean less suction power, which in turn would lead to poor performance. Whilst true that the suction isn’t as powerful as a mains hoover, as true with other cordless models, it still performed very well! I was actually very surprised as it feels so effortless to use, with no pull yet still picks up effectively. This is due to the design of the floor head, which is different to the non cordless version and glides across various surfaces without pulling which is especially advantageous if you have rugs, lino and vinyl flooring.

There are two power settings you can choose from and by choosing the lowest setting, the battery will last longer. The lower setting is fab for dusting items such blinds or for sucking up the cobwebs and for hoovering hard floors. I did however, feel that the higher setting is needed for carpet. So, to save battery I alternate the power setting between different types of flooring, which I find makes my Henry last long enough for me to hoover my three bed home. The one I have has one battery so I do need to charge between uses, but you can also upgrade to have two batteries. I feel this is not needed for my home, but for someone with a larger home it may be something to consider.

So, what do I love about my cordless Henry,

💛  The vacuum is light making him easy to carry up the stairs or to the car.

💛 Due to the Henry using a bag to collect dust and debris, he is really easy to keep clean. This is fab as doesn’t everyone hate a musty hoover?! You simply rinse the filter under water and you can wash out the tub and tubing so make him lovely, fresh and clean.

💛 He is very quiet.

💛 Due to you being able to use the attachments on the hose you can really work the tools to give your car carpets a good hoover. The little upholstery tool was fab for lifting up dog hair.

💛 The floor head Is very effective at picking up debris and hair, and glides across all floors with ease.

💛  No wires to tangle my self and the hoover in!

💛 The Henry has a HPA filter installed which is designed to catch allergens for clearer air.

💛 The attachments are really easy to interchange and are of good quality.

💛 Due to the piping length it is fab for high dusting and for getting behind furniture.

Things you may want to consider;

Whilst the Henry was fab for my needs and the low levels of shedding hair from my pooch, I’m not sure how it would perform for high levels of shredding. But saying this, the floor head pulls up my own hair and fluff very well which you can see as it collects on the brushes. It’s easy easy remove and you can just suck up the hoover.

The hose stretches well but it may not be long enough to complete all of your stairs, I find the Henry light enough to hold on the stairs but he doesn’t sit on his own on them. I generally lean against my Henry to keep him sturdy.

Overall all I am very impressed with the Numatic Henry HVB 160-12 and considering my favourite type of hoover is a pull along cylinder one like the original Henry, I was very happy to be able to have a cordless one. I got mine from AO, click here for further details, and is priced at £179, at time of writing. I think this is a great price as I often used my previous cordless for quick pick ups only, as I felt it wasn’t good enough for a deep clean. But with the Henry it’s a different story. He’s light enough to just get out for a quick whip around but effective enough to get out for a proper hoover. So definitely a two in one for me which saves on money and space, win, win 🙌🏻

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