How to get your trainers fresh and clean

Trainers sure do get a hammering with use, and it’s no surprise that they can get as dirty as they do! I will share with you two ways to get your trainers squeaky clean again, with little additional hints on how to keep them fresh.

Cleaning your trainers in the washing machine

The easiest way to clean your trainers is by popping them into the wash, but do so with caution and always read the washing care label first. This is a definite no no for leather and suede shoes. Here’s a quick how to:

1. Remove laces and place into a garment bag or pillow case.

2. Using a soft brush, brush off any loose dirt off your trainers, this is a crucial step as you don’t want your trainers washing in dirty or muddy water as they will not come out as well.

3. Pop your trainers into another pillow case to help protect them in your machine. To protect your machine (if you’ve washed trainers before you will know how much they bang around!), you could pop in with some towels.

4. Set your washing machine to a low temp and low spin to help prevent any damage or shrinkage to your shoes. Wash with laundry detergent, and to disinfect you could add in some disinfectant to the conditioner part of your washing machine drawer.

5. Once finished and out of the wash, check to see if the hard surfaces on your trainers, have cleaned effectively- if not you may want to scrub with an old tooth brush and some cream cleaner and then wipe off with a damp cloth.

6. Now time to dry, air drying is best but be careful if in the sun as they may cause your shoes to fade. However great for white shoes with the suns natural bleach effect! Fab for removing stains on clothes too- just lay down flat on sunny day to remove stain, apply more water if stain hasn’t completely removed.

Hand Cleaning Your Trainers

This is my preferred method when I have time to clean my trainers- by hand. Whilst the washing machine washes them well I am wary that it does give my trainers a bit of a rough time! Here’s my how to on washing them by hand;

1. Remove laces and brush (an old toothbrush will do) with some soapy water using dish washing liquid. For any stains, you could leave to soak in some white vinegar or even bleach if white.

2. Using a soft brush (I used a spare dish brush), brush off any loose dirt- this is a crucial step as you don’t want your trainers having a rub down with dirt and mud which could cause further staining.

3. Using a solution of laundry detergent and warm water, I wipe down my trainers with a slightly damp cloth for a surface clean. For a deeper clean you my want to leave your trainers soaking in laundry detergent and warm water.

4. For stubborn stains use a cleaner with stain removal properties such as a white vinegar spray (this is also fab for neutralising any odours!). I spray and leave to soak for 15 mins and then remove the stain with a slightly damp cloth.

5. If you have any marks and scuffs still left on the hard surfaces of your trainers, scrub with some cream cleaner and a small brush and then wipe with a damp cloth.

6. Leave to air dry, stuff with newspaper to soak up any excess moisture and to help to keep their shape.

Keeping your trainers fresh

Here are some ways you can banish any odours to keep your trainers nice and fresh;

– Place a tumble dryer sheet in your trainer to deodorise (remove before wearing).

– Sprinkle with bicarb and leave to absorb any odours, then shake out or hoover up.

– Spray insoles with a white vinegar spray which will dry odourless and neutralise any odours

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