10+ Uses of Washing Up Liquid

Apart from the obvious of washing up, have you ever thought about what else washing up liquid is good for? It is a fab multipurpose product which you can never get bored of due to the array of scents to choose from! Read on to find my top 10+ uses of washing up liquid:

πŸ‹ Rug and Carpet clean or freshen up- Dilute with some warm water, foam up and use this foam as a cleaner. For stubborn stains apply a tiny bit directly to stain and use a slightly damp cloth to rub in and remove stain.

πŸ‹ Hair Brush Cleaning- Clean hair brushes in a diluted solution with water.

πŸ‹ Floor Cleaning- add a drop to your bucket of hot water for a grease busting floor cleaner. Just make sure it’s not too sudsy as this can leave streaks.

πŸ‹ Window Cleaning- Diluted with water this is a fab solution for washing dirt off windows. Paired with a squeegee to prevent residue and glass cloth to polish, will leave a streak free shine.

πŸ‹ Glass and Mirror Cleaning- As with window cleaning this is an effective way to clean mirrors and glass such as your shower doors.

πŸ‹ Grease Removal on Laundry- Remove grease stains by applying a little bit undiluted on to your grease stain. Gently rub in, leave to soak and then pop into the washing machine.

πŸ‹ Multipurpose Spray- Dilute into an empty spray bottle for a cheap but effective multipurpose cleaner.

πŸ‹ Counter Top Cleaning- Using a DIY multipurpose spray with the washing liquid is fab for your countertops. This is good and safe for granite (providing it isn’t a citrus based liquid such as lemon), leaving a streak free shine when polished with a glass cloth.

πŸ‹ Stainless Steel Cleaning- Washing up liquid is effective at removing grease from your stainless steel splash back and stove tops. Apply diluted to decrease, and to shine you can use a tiny bit undiluted with kitchen paper. Then to polish with a clean sheet.

πŸ‹ Kitchen Cabinets- Remove grease stains with a diluted solution of washing up liquid.

πŸ‹ Bathroom Cleaning- For a tough soap scum cleaner, mix washing up liquid with vinegar. Rinse and then shine, it will leave everything sparkling!

πŸ‹ Stain Removal- Washing up liquid is fab for various stains on fabrics and especially on coffee, tea, olive oil, fizzy drinks and fruit juice. Gently rub in, leave to soak and then pop into the washing machine.

πŸ‹ Blender Cleaning- Clean your blender quickly and easily by adding a drop of washing up liquid with water and then give it a whizz!

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