Cleaning Routine & Planner Printables

Plan your cleaning routine by printing off your checklist and planner for the New Year!

If your would like to read how to follow the checklist and planners follow this link > my four step plan for a cleaner home. Once you are planned and prepared you can print out your printables. Check out the links below to print:


The first checklist shows you what your weeklies, monthlies and quarterly tasks are. You may be slightly overwhelmed when you see it all! But trust me, once you have completed your initial deep clean these tasks will not take a long time. Once you get into the swing of it you can aim to complete your daily cleaning tasks within 30 minutes!!!

As requested, I’ve also created a weekly checklist. Not essential but if you like to get lots ticked off this is for you!

C L E A N I N G – C H E C K L I S T

Print here >>>Cleaning Checklist: Daily, weekly, monthly & quarterly task checklist.

*N E W*  A D D I T I O N A L -W E E K L Y – C L E A N I N G – C H E C K L I S T (not essential to follow plan).

Print here >>> Weekly Cleaning Checklist



Choose to either follow when I complete my weekly routine, or fill out your own. Choose either A or B

A) M Y – M O N T H L Y – T A S K – P L A N N E R. Get your home #jottified by following what I do day by day.

Print here >>Cleaning planner Jan 2019

B L A N K – M O N T H L Y – P L A N N E R. A blank monthly planner for you to create your own routine.

Print here >>Blank Cleaning planner Jan 2019


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