Cleaning Microwaves: The easier greener way

On a search for greener cleaning solutions? With my new love for white vinegar in mind, I came across a method for cleaning out the microwave with just three simple ingredients:

  • White Vinegar (1 cup)
  • Lemon (A few slices)
  • Warm Water

You will also need a microwaveable bowl, and a sponge.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 14.25.49

  1. Simply fill a microwaveable bowl half full with warm water- the reason I used warm water was simply to make the process quicker. Add the cup of white vinegar and lemon slices to the water
  2. Put the bowl into the microwave and heat up! I heated the solution for about 70 seconds but this will depend on your microwave. I heated it up enough to steam without bubbling over.
  3. After the ping pull it out! Be careful- I would use some oven gloves for this point. Any stubborn food bits should now be very easy to remove.
  4. Use your sponge to clean out your microwave and the microwave plate, you shouldn’t have to use the harsher side of the sponge or scrub hard- if you do then you probably need to put the solution in for a little longer.
  5. Now you should have a gleaming microwave!

With the left over lemon I made a refeshing lemon tea- but you could experiment with using it for different cleaning tasks as lemon has antibacterial properties. I will be adding more posts on the uses of lemon soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day



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