Cleaning Stainless Steel: A Surprising Product for a Streak Free Shine 

Do your stainless steel appliances dry streaky? I have found that the results from stainless steel cleaners vary and do not always produce a perfect shine each time.

As you can see these appliances have dried streaky. Follow the method below for a streak free shine.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.05.15

Clean your appliance with an all purpose cleaner to ensure there are no food debris or dirt. Do not to use a hard sponge as you may scratch the surface- I find a cloth is suffice. If you have any stubborn marks just leave some all purpose cleaner on for a couple of minutes to soften any bits. Once clean either leave to dry or dry with a cloth.

Products and materials

To shine your appliance you only need one product- baby oil. Oil not only shines, but it also helps to maintain the sparkle as it leaves a protective film.  I find that the best method is to use kitchen paper to rub the oil in. If you don’t have any kitchen paper to hand you could try a microfibre cloth however, from personal experience I don’t think this produces as good a result. Pour some baby oil on to the kitchen paper- sparingly may I add! A couple of drops will work, add more if needed for larger appliances.


Now the fun part! Using the kitchen paper rub the baby oil in- rubbing in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel will produce better results. Once the oil is covering the surface use a dry piece of kitchen paper to polish the steel- again in the direction of the grain, and ta dah, a few finished examples:

I hope this helps to get your stainless steel appliances glistening and gleaming! Follow the blog to keep up to date with future home and cleaning hacks and feel free to comment with your successes

Jo x

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