Weekly Kitchen Deep Clean

Before starting to clean your kitchen ensure all surfaces are clear of items which are usually not there, complete a quick whip around to put things back in their places and any dirty dishes or pots and pans washed or put into dishwasher.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.06.18

Before you start your clean I recommend spraying all surfaces with your chosen cleaning product, for tougher dirt spray directly with degreaser. I start any room clean from the left of the door, from top to bottom in a clock wise direction. This ensures no bits are missed and saves bundles of time. After completing this weekly you will become more efficient and eventually go into autopilot. However this may mean that some things consistently get missed, but not to worry, here’s a list to help you out;

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 15.07.21

I haven’t included a weekly clean of the inside of your fridge as I recommend saving time and completing this task when you complete your weekly food shop- makes the task so much easier as its when your fridge is at its emptiest. I literally just give it a quick whip weekly and then a deeper clean on a monthly basis.

I hope this helps you to keep on top of your kitchen cleaning tasks, let me know if you have any additional top tips!

Jo x

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