How to Get Stains Out | A Review of Fairy Non Bio Stain Removers

A new range of Fairy Non bio Stain Removers are now available which claim to be effective at stain removal whilst remaining sensitive towards skin.

They have been formulated to work with both colours and whites, and are available in a spray and powder.  The duo act as a pair for a complete stain removal kit, with the powder being better for stains such as chocolate, and the spray for stains such as ketchup. Using the Fairy Non Bio Stain Removers handy hints and tips, available at, I tested out both products on the following stains;

Grease mark-2

The method and product used for each individual stain were as follows;

Grease Marks, Biro Pen, Ketchup, Felt Tip Pen, Grass stain: I sprayed the Fairy Non Bio Stain Remover Spray directly onto the stain and worked in gently with a cloth. The spray was then left on the stain for five minutes until popping into the wash.

Blood: To dissolve and break down the blood I poured on some cold water.

Chocolate: I mixed 1/4 of a scoop of Fairy Non Bio Stain Remover Powder and 3/4 scoop of lukewarm water into a paste. I gently then rubbed the stain using the heart shaped knobby base of the scoop. The paste was then left to soak on the stain for 5 minutes until popping into the wash.


I washed the stained item on a 60 degree synthetic wash with a couple of capfuls of the Fairy Non bio powder. For a complete guide on how to remove stains using The Fairy Non bio Stain Removers there is a handy guide containing Hints and Tips for Stain Removal at

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 19.09.24

I was really impressed with how well the Fairy Non bio Stain Removers shifted those stains! What do you think?! The only slight mark remaining comes from the grass stain. If you cannot see below I have included a close up beneath.IMG_7482

IMG_7502.PNGGrass stains are very hard to remove due to the dye from the chlorophyll of the plants and need to be treated as soon as possible. Repeat applications should be complete if stain is not fully removed. I also threw in some stained socks, check out the difference below!



Considering what I stained that pillow case with, I think these products really have shown good performance. I would definately be happy to add this to my laundry kit to help with stain removal! In regards to skin sensitivity, the range has been dermatologically tested, endorsed by midwives and has been accredited by Skin Health Alliance (information sourced from here). The stain spray and powder can be purchased in store or online at all major supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

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