Keeping your home clean: The quicker, easier way

The stress from housework can get on top of you, it may seem silly to some but I’ve been there. You chase your tail all week and then when it gets to your day off, when you have time to get something done, you really don’t know where to start.

I’ve previously had countless arguments with the other half over cleaning, literally nearly deal breakers, ha! Looking back, if we’d had our routine in place, this wouldn’t have happened.

The calmness from getting yourself into a routine is invaluable and you really do love your home a lot more, and have more time to enjoy it! My cleaning routines are based upon me being a working mum, but they can be applied to all different situations, who wants to feel the need to tirelessly clean all day right? I follow my four step plan to prep and plan for each month. If you feel like its all got on top of you, before trying to attempt the routine I would suggest a full house clean, I like to spread it across two days, upstairs for one, and down the next. Starting on a clean slate really helps and gives you the motivation to keep it that way. I plan and put aside one day a month to complete a deep clean. Read on to see my daily routines.

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I started my routine by getting myself out of bed ten minutes earlier, it was literally a life saver! It gives you more time to clean as you go- it used to be a mad dash out of the door with a whirl wind of mess left in our paths. It meant breakfast dishes could be put away in the dishwasher, pjs in the wash basket and make-up tided away! Coming home feels so much better when it is tidy and clean.

Home Time

As soon as I walk in from work with my little one in tow, its snack time for her and tea time for me. I always need a little down time before the mad rush of dinner making, baths and bedtime. Once the little one is in bed I make the effort to do a whip around before I sit down, if I sit down I will not get up! I complete a kitchen tidy and wipe down (clean as you go during dinner making, this makes this a five min task)! I then make sure the living room is all cosy and I complete my daily task. This may seem a lot but if you complete daily tasks weekly, with a monthly deep clean it really doesn’t take long. Even if you keep them to the weekend, I can do a clean in an hour rather than it taking all day.

Bed Time

Literally a five minute pick up time before you go to bed goes a long way. For example, clear the coffee table and put any dry dishes away. You will thank yourself for it the next day,  as all you will need to do is clean as you go whilst you are getting ready. If you miss this last bit, before you know it, you will return home to last nights mess and breakfast dishes piled up.

The Weekend

If I can’t complete a daily task I will do it on the weekend. Really make the effort to complete these tasks weekly, leave them any longer and these tasks become more timely and take more effort. These are my weekly tasks that I tick off and are available on my cleaning routine.

Weekly Tasks

Living Areas

You can check out my cleaning routine printable to follow here.  You will be surprised how much quicker these are to complete if you do not usually do them weekly. I’m not talking about a deep clean for these rooms/tasks, a quick dust and wipe around. For a deeper clean I plan and put aside one day a month. If you have any questions please let me know! I hope this helps you to get into some kind of routine to make your life easier, it really has helped me enormously. It sets me up for the day, I think its true what they say, tidy home, tidy mind.

Jo x



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