My 4 Step Plan to a Cleaner Home

Get that Spring Clean Feel every day of the week, following my four step plan!

KiTchen day

  1. PLAN
    Before following my routine I recommend completing a deep clean. Plan this over a day or two of your days off, trust me it will be worth it! If you stick to the routine you will never need to spend a whole day cleaning again. For a deep clean you will need to be completing both the weekly and monthly tasks which can be found on my handy printable checklist.
    Print off your monthly cleaning planner AND checklist which you can find here. For five days of the week you will need to be completing a 15-20 minute clean in the specified room(s) or area(s). The two other days with be catch up days where you you can complete any days that you have missed, complete some monthly or quarterly tasks or have a day off! Here is how I complete my cleaning routine: 07E0F264-7673-41B8-8193-277395168912.pngI find this perfect for me as I work Monday-Friday and use my days off on the weekend as emergency catch up days. If this wouldn’t be practical for you, I have also created a blank planner where you can add in the specific room(s) and area(s) to your chosen day, which you can find on the printables page.
    Once you’ve got your planned routine in place and you have completed your deep clean its time to get started! Complete your daily tasks which can be found on the checklist and then add on a different monthly task or two of your choosing every week.  To try and prevent my cleaning time from exceeding 20 mins on my daily routine, I complete more time consuming tasks such as cleaning the oven on a catch up day.
    Once your daily tasks are done, sit down and appreciate the spring feels in your home. The more you enjoy it the more it will motivate you to carry on with the routine. Treat yourself to some flowers, cosy up your living room with some candles and get those windows open for some fresh air.


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